Caithness and Sutherland

Visit the Scottish Highlands for Holidays in Scotland

Welcome to the Scottish Highlands. North of Inverness you will discover Caithness and Sutherland, two counties that covers an area from the east coast to the west of Highland Scotland. At the far top right corner of the Scottish Highlands is the county of Caithness, an ancient land lived in by the Picts and invaded by the Vikings. Explore the far north of Scotland in pictures and maps and plan your next visit to Scotland and the Highlands of Scotland.

Achavanich standing stones, Caithness

When you visit Caithness and Sutherland you will discover stunning scenery making this area a perfect place for holidays for all the family. As the countryside and landscape varies from high rugged and remote mountain ranges and wild places, to crofting and farming communities and fishing towns and villages. The area has a fascinating range of old castles, remnants of pictish settlements, standing stones, and brochs along with the more recent effects of the clearances with abandoned villages and houses now long empty.

Caithness and Sutherland has enough to keep most adventurers busy for several weeks and for people lucky to live in this area of Scotland the ever changing seasons and weather offer a new perspective on the area with every movement of the clouds and ray of sunshine. It is indeed a magical area and we you are very welcome you to visit the area and enjoy the beautiful scenery, historic buildings and some of the loveliest beaches in Britain.

Dunnet Head, Dunnet Head Lighthouse and RSBP Nature Reserve

Dunnet Head Lighthouse

Dunnet Head is Scotland most northerly point with views over to the Orkney Islands, you will not be disappointed with the outstanding scenery. You drive past the most northerly village of Brough on your way to Dunnet Head.

The RSPB Dunnet Head site is an important nature reserve for coastal birds including puffins, Guillemots, kittiwakes and fulmars. In spring and early summer you can see observe the birds nesting and raising their young. Watch out for whales or take a nature walk during the summer months.

Dunnet Head

Scrabster | Orkney Ferry, Marina, Boat Charter


Scrabster harbour and ferry port is an important part of Caithness with the ferry connecting Orkney to Caithness, while the harbour supports the fishing, offshore oil, gas and wind power industries.

The marina is busy with local fishing and leisure boats and also has boats available for charter for sea fishing trips around Caithness and Orkney.


The Castle of Mey

Castle of Mey

One of Scotland's best loved castles is the Castle of Mey, purchased by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in 1952, who restored the castle and developed the walled gardens. It is now open to the public during spring and summer months. You can now stay within the castle grounds in the newly opened The Granary Lodge B&B where you can experience luxury while on the North Coast 500 route around the north of Scotland. Learn more about the Castle of Mey

Castle of Mey

John O' Groats

John O' Groats

John o' Groats is an iconic destination for people undertaking the NC 500 route around Highlands of Scotland as well as being the start / end point for many sponsored events raising money for charity. At John O’ Groats you can shop or enjoy a relaxing meal or quick snack at the cafés and hotel, watch out for passing killer whales, or take a day trip on the John O’ Groats ferry to Orkney.

John O' Groats

Mary Ann's Cottage, Dunnet

Mary-Ann's Cottage

Mary Ann’s cottage lies near Dunnet within sight of Dwarwick pier that is at the end of the single track road coming from Dunnet. This old traditional croft was lived in by Mary-Ann Calder up until 1990 when she moved into a residential home. She had lived and worked the croft with her husband most of her life. Since this time the croft has been looked after by a Heritage Trust and volunteers now provide a guided tour of the croft when the building is open to visitors during the summer. The building and contents have been preserved to show how the building was lived in, and the croft worked, until relatively recently. Pictures and location map for Mary-Ann's Cottage.

Mary Ann's Cottage

Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

Castle Sinclair Girnigoe. is located about 3 miles north of Wick on the east coast of Caithness, Scotland. It is considered to be one of the earliest seats of Clan Sinclair. It comprises the ruins of two castles - the 15th-century Castle Girnigoe and the early 17th-century Castle Sinclair. Pictures, location map and more on the Castle.

Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

Camster Cairns

Camster Cairns

Camster Cairns is a site of the Grey Cairns of Camster and the Round Cairn. The structures on this site are around 5,000 years old. The long cairns - known as the Grey Cairns of Camster were recreated in the 1980's, previously they were seen only as mounds in the moorland landscape.

Grey Cairns of Camster

Nybster Broch and Settlement

Grey Cairns of Camster Cairns

Nybster broch settlement is very close to John O' Groats and is near the Caithness Broch Visitor Centre. The broch dates back over 2500 years and is a short walk along the coastal path from the car park at Nybster.

Nybster Broch

Caithness in Pictures

Keiss harbour and harbour house

Keiss harbour and harbour house

Caithness : Dunnet beach seen from the harbour area at Castletown

Pictures of Caithness 17 pictures covering Dunnet beach, Wick harbour, Scrabster and other areas.

Reiss / Keiss beach

16 Pictures of Caithness of John O' Groats hotel, old crofts, Scrabster fish market, local sandy beaches and more.

Sandy beaches in Caithess

17 Pictures of Caithness of sandy beaches, wildlife, castles and beautiful rural scenery.

Caithness from the Air

Highland Aerial Views - drone recorded videos of Caithness towns and villages, lochs, bochs, coastal areas, castles and beaches. Not our videos, we did enjoy seeing Caithness from the air and hope you appreciate them too.

Explore Caithness

John O' Groats

John O' Groats

St John's Loch

St John's Loch and St John's Pool Nature Reserve

St John's Loch is one of best brown trout lochs in Caithness with permits are available from the St John's Loch Improvement Association, fishing on the loch is by fly fishing.

There is also a nature reserve at the loch called St John's Pool where you can watch a wide range of coastal and inland birds from the public hide. Bird watchers and anyone interested in nature and wildlife should visit this wonderful nature reserve. Entrance is free although donations are appreciated.

For enthusiasts and professional wildlife photographers there are a number of bird hides available to hire that are on the waters edge of the pool.

St John's Loch and St John's Pool


On the road to Dunnet Head you will pass mainland Scotland's most northerly village, Brough. You can go down to the slipway / harbour area and watch for seals and other wildlife around Little Clett, a rock stack, just off the shore.



Sarclet is a small coastal village around 8 miles south of Wick. The village was originally built, along with the harbour, to exploit the boom in the herring fishing industry and for many years was a busy fishing harbour. Today it is a small rural and crofting community. You can still see the remains of the old harbour buildings at Sarclet and enjoy the natural history around the area. Seals can often be seen swimming around Scarlet Haven.