Keiss Harbour House

Holidays in Caithness and the Scottish Highlands

Keiss harbour house was built in 1832 and is now a luxury holiday home available all year round. The harbour house is next to lovely traditional Keiss harbour with views over Sinclairs Bay with Noss Head lighthouse and Castle Sinclair Girnigoe seen across the bay.

Harbour House

Harbour House, Keiss Harbour

The Keiss harbour house is situated at the harbour and was originally a warehouse before being converted into a luxury property - visit website for further details.

Harbour house Keiss, Caithness.

Keiss is close to a beautiful sandy beach within easy walking distance from the village. To the north is John O' Groats. At Keiss you have two castles, one ruined on a cliffside position that can be seen from the harbour house. Also close by is Freswick house with the lovely sandy beach that is used by local people for wedding ceremonies.

Keiss Harbour

Keiss harbour

Keiss harbour was built in 1831 and is used by local fishermen using small fishing boats to set lobster and crab creels out in Sinclairs Bay.

Sinclairs Bay with Noss Head Lighthouse in the horizon.

Sinclairs Bay photographed from Keiss beach. Noss Head Lighthouse is seen in the horizon.


Keiss beach with Keiss village and harbour house (on right of picture).

Keiss beach

Keiss beach

Keiss beach looking towards Reiss beach

Keiss Castle (ruined Scottish Castle)

Keiss castle

Keiss Castle (old ruined castle on cliffside location near the harbour house).

Keiss Broch

Keiss Broch

Keiss Broch is a protected site with an old wall that was originally added to protect the broch site.

At Keiss there are several brochs with Keiss Broch and Whitegate Broch close to the harbour and can be seen if you walk along the coastal path to the the original Keiss castle.