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The Castle of Mey was originally known as Barrogill Castle, it was in a semi-derelict state when the estate was purchased by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, in 1952, who undertook to restore the castle and develop the walled gardens. The original castle and lands of Mey belonged to the Bishops of Caithness with the original castle built around 1566-72. The Queen Mother loved the castle and especially the gardens, and regularly visited the castle until her death.

Castle of Mey

The castle and estate was managed by the Castle of Mey Trust and has now been passed to The Prince’s Foundation. The president of the Foundation is Charles, Prince of Wales. The Foundation stated its intention to retain the Trust's goals: "the preservation of buildings and monuments; the promotion of historical and architectural education; the preservation of the Aberdeen Angus breed of cattle, and the championing of wider benefits to the community, while the Duke of Rothesay and The Prince’s Foundation is certain to make the continuation of his grandmother’s legacy a priority" (from Wikipedia).

Castle of Mey

The castle and gardens are open to the public during most of the main tourist season and the profits from this activity goes towards looking after the estate. A café and gift shop are open to the public, there is an entrance charge for the castle and gardens. Also on site is the The Granary Lodge B&B, a 10-bedroom bed and breakfast on the Castle grounds.  See official Castle of Mey website for more details.

Castle of Mey

The Castle of Mey (side view)

Castle of Mey, picture taken within walled garden.

Walled Gardens at the Castle of Mey

Castle of Mey - picture of the back of the castle

Castle of Mey and information sign at back of castle (public entrance area)

Main entrance to the Castle of Mey

Main entrance to the castle and gardens

Picture of the walled garden next to the Castle of Mey

Walled garden next to the castle

Gardens at the Castle of Mey

Beautiful gardens within the walled garden at the Castle of Mey

Glasshouse at castle

One of the glasshouses within the walled gardens at the castle growing a wide range of ornamental flowers plants.

Car park area at the castle

View over outer drystone wall to the car park and castle entrance.

The entrance area at the castle has a free car park. If you have dogs with you in your car you can use the small alternative car park within the castle grounds that is in the shade under trees. You need to drive up to the main castle entrance for this parking area.

Animal farm for visitors

The castle has a small animal farm for visitors to get close to animals that children and most adults will enjoy seeing. The last time we visited there were newly hatched chickens under heat lamp within the visitor centre, outdoors there were pigs, sheep and goats, as well as chickens.

Castle of Mey farm estate

Cattle and sheep on the Castle of Mey farm estate. View from the castle.

Scottish Castle - the Castle of Mey

Castle - Castle of Mey

More pictures of the Castle of Mey and the walled gardens

Castle of Mey location map

Location map for the Castle of Mey