Wick Harbour | Caithness

Wick in the Scottish Highlands

Wick harbour in Caithness has been a fishing port for well over 200 years and if you go into the cafe / restaurant at the harbour - Wickers World, you can see photographs of the harbour with hundreds of boats and many more people working in the fishing industry. The herring that was caught in their millions in the 1800's were preserved in wooden barrows using salt / brine and then exported by ship to countries abroad, as well as being sold locally. Today the harbour is still available to land fish.

The harbour has developed over the years and is now central to supporting the new offshore wind farms and other offshore industries in the North Sea. The marina, added to the harbour a few years ago, has enabled greater access to the leisure boats using the harbour, it is busy with local boats and visiting yachts and boats during the summer months. Wick harbour is still developing and new plans have been put forward to develop the harbour to enable large ships, including large cruise ships, to dock in the future. Find out more on the Wick Harbour Authority website. Most of the local boats using the harbour fish for lobster and crab around the Caithness coastline.

Wick harbour

Wick harbour entrance

Wick Harbour - outer harbour defences.

Wick Harbour Pictures

Wick harbour

Looking over the harbour complex.

Wick harbour traditional style fishing boats

Traditional fishing boats at Wick harbour.

Wick harbour traditional fishing boat

Fishing boat at Wick harbour.

Old Lifeboat Shed at Wick Harbour

Old Lifeboat Shed for Wick Lifeboat, now a museum.

Wick Harbour Old Lifeboat Shed  - picture 2

Wick Harbour Old Lifeboat Shed built in 1915

Wick Harbour Old Lifeboat Shed  - picture 3

Wick harbour traditional and leisure fishing boat

Fishing and leisure boats along with the Isabella Fortuna, launched in 1890, now owned by Wick Heritage Society.

Wick harbour fishing boat

Wick harbour and marina

Marina area of the harbour.

Wick boats

Wick boats in harbour

Boats in harbour

Fishing Boats


Geo Explorer at Wick for coastal adventure tours

Geo Explorer at Wick for coastal adventure tours

Lobster and crab fishing boat

Lobster and crab fishing boat

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