Sandside Beach, Caithness, Scotland

A Beautiful Sandy Beach at Sandside

Sandside beach is a lovely beach bounding on the Reay Golf Course and close to Sandside Harbour at Fresgoe. It is probably one of the least visited beaches in Scotland. The small car park next to the beach has public toilets that are open during the summer months. The beautiful sandy beach at Sandside Bay is close to Dounreay and for this reason may not be as popular as it could be. My visits to this beach has been with my dogs who just loved it. On one occassion I also spent a fair bit of time watching an otter who was going up to the dunes from the sea.

Sandside beach

Sandside Beach in Caithness

Sandside beach

Sandside beach bounds part of the golf course at Reay.

Sandside Beach near Reay

Sandside beach is ideal for dog walking.

Sandside Beach looking towards, Fresgoe and Sandside Harbour

Sandside beach looking towards Fresgoe and Sandside Harbour

Sandside Beach and Sandside Harbour Location Map

Sandside Beach location map

Sandside beach map location.