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Brims Ness in Caithness is west of Thurso along a single-track road off the main A836. Surfing off the rocks does depend on weather and tide; it is not suitable for surfing and it is worth checking up on specialist surfing websites for details of weather, tide and surf conditions. Care also needs to be taken due to the rocky shelves. The area around Brims Ness is well worth a visit to see the old castle and house on the shoreline, as well as nature watching. There is also the remains of a Chapel and an old burial ground.

Brims Ness Surfing

Brims Ness old farmhouse that was once Brims Castle

The old farmhouse at Brims was once a castle

Brims Ness - old farmhouse / castle

The old farmhouse, and original location of Brims Castle, is in poor condition. The castle is said to be haunted by a “white lady”, believed to be a woman servant who was killed, another story is that it was is the ghost of the daughter of James Sinclair of Uttersquoy, who is said to haunt the building. Supposedly Patrick Sinclair of Brims was her lover but murdered her and concealed her body in the castle when he had tired of her (external web ref. Castles of Scotland | Brims Castle, and myths and legend). Whatever the story the building does have a rather sad feel to it and if left alone will fall into the sea in the future.

Ruined building at Brims Ness

Ruined building at Brims Ness possibly used for keeping boats when the small harbour was used for sea fishing. Old pictures exist showing three small wooden fishing boats at the harbour / landing area next to this building.

Natural harbour, boat landing area that was used in the past for fishing boats off Brims Ness

The natural harbour / landing area used in the past for small wooden fishing boats.

Brims Ness Old Burial Ground

Burial ground at Brims Ness in Caithness, Highlands of Scotland

A drystone wall protects the area that is the old burial ground at Brims Ness and remains of a Chapel

Drystone walls and nature - birds

Birds and wildlife can be found at Brims Ness along with a beautiful rural landscape

Surfing off Brims Ness

Surfing off Brims Ness in the far north of Scotland

Brims Ness Coastline

Caithness coastline at Brims Ness

Sunset over Brims Ness

Sunset over Brims Ness

Brims Ness, Caithness Location Map

Brims Ness location map

Brims Ness map location