Brough near Dunnet Head | Caithness

Brough, Scotland's most northerly mainland village

Brough is a small village in Caithness in the far north of Scotland, close to Dunnet Head. Brough has a small harbour / slipway with views over to the rock stack, Little Clett, where you can watch seals swimming or sunbathing along with numerous seabirds.

Rock stack Little Clett

Brough has the distinction of being the most northerly village on Scotland’s (and the UK) mainland and is close to the most northerly point at Dunnet Head. The village is small with around 50-60 people and while it does have its own harbour area with a slipway, built originally in the 1830's, it is now used only by a few local people and visitors.

At Brough is a site of a ruined castle, aptly called Brough Castle, thought to have been a twelfth Century Norse fortress. Today only mounds of grass are visible and most of castle has probably been used as building materials for houses and walls elsewhere, or fallen onto the coastline below.

Visitors to Dunnet Head (Dunnet Head Lighthouse and the RSBP Nature Reserve) pass the village of Brough while driving along the B855 from Dunnet or via the coastal road down from Skarfskerry if coming from John O' Groats. I nearly always stop at the coastline just after the village of Brough to admire the view, to look out for seals in the harbour area and to watch the birds flying around the Little Clett rock stack that is close to the harbour.


Seals on the jetty at Brough

If you drive carefully you can take your vehicle down to the jetty area of the harbour and spend time watching the seals and wildlife, or have a picnic.

Brough slipway


Rock Stack - Little Clett, Brough

Rock stack Little Clett

Zoomed camera picture of the Rock stack, Little Clett at Brough, Caithness.

Little Clett is a rock stack seen from the roadside at Brough.

Coastal scenery near Brough

Coastal area at Brough

Coastal views from Brough

Shoreline near Brough

Coastal scenery near Brough and shoreline near Brough Slipway

Brough Location Map

Brough location map

Brough, Caithness map location.