Staxigoe, Caithness, Scotland

Staxigoe is a former fishing village located 2 miles from Wick

Staxigoe derives from Norse, "the inlet of the stack". The fishing industry was the livelihood of many families living along the Caithness coast. At Staxigoe herring was preserved where fish were packed in barrels of salt then shipped abroad, as well as being the staple diet of many local people. With up to 50 herring boats anchoring at Staxigoe harbour there was a lot of work for others as well as fishermen, with the women mostly involved in cleaning and packing the herring, and coopers making the barrels.

Today Staxigoe is a small rural village that still has a few local boats fishing mostly for crab and lobster, as well as leisure boats used to fish around the coastline. You can often hear and see seals that live nearby around from the harbour.

Staxigoe harbour

Staxigoe harbour has a picnic area and a small car parking area next to the jetty.

Staxigoe Historic Weather Pole

Staxigoe weather pole

The historic weather pole and barometer was used by the fishermen in the past.

Staxigoe historic information board

Historic information about Staxigoe can be found on the information board near harbour

Small local Fishing and Leisure Boats

Boats at Staxigoe

Small boats berthed at the harbour

Staxigoe Harbour Car Parking Area

Staxigoe harbour parking area

Staxigoe harbour access road and parking area

Staxigoe Location Map

Staxigoe area map

Staxigoe area map