Nybster is a small crofting community in the far north of Scotland.

Nybster coastal area and jetty

Nybster is a rural and crofting community around 7 miles south of John O' Groats in the county of Caithness. The Nybster broch settlement is on the coastline and dates back over 2500 years.

You can also visit the broch centre and learn more about brochs and settlements in Caithness along with exciting new projects. The coastline is interesting and well worth taking time out to visit the broch settlement and walk along the coastline. The harbour area has a landing stage where fish used to be landed in the past and remains of the traditional fishing sheds can be seen above the foreshore. Watch out for passing Orca and dolphins, as well as the many coastal birds.

Old Traditional Fishing Bothy at Nybster

Old coastal fishing hut at Nybster

Old stone building on the shoreline that was used by fishermen in the past. A drystone built building with a Caithness stone roof.

Old coastal fishing hut at Nybster - entrance

It is fascinating to see these traditional drystone built building and with imagination you can still see the people working at fixing nets and creels, sorting and and cleaning their catch. At other times the woman folk and old men may have huddled in the hut waiting for their husbands and brothers to come back from fishing trips that turned to bad weather, worrying that the men would be lost at sea.

Nybster stone steps to shoreline

Old stone steps down to the shore next to the drystone constructed fisherman's shed at Nybster

Coastal area at Nybster

Nybster coastal area near jetty

Cliffs along the coastline is home to nesting birds.

harbour and jetty

The old winches are still in place that were used to pull up the boats. Old fishing huts and the landing stage used in the past for fishing boats in 19th and early 20th century.

Nybster landing stage

The Landing Stage used to off load fish from the herring boats.


Enjoy the coastal view at Nybster

Caithness Broch Centre

Caithness Broch Centre at Auckengill near Nybster. Seasonal openings.

Nybster Monuments

Nybster Monuments

Nybster Monuments - Picture 2

Nybster Monuments - Picture 3

Nybster Monuments - Picture 4

Monuments at Nybster. A number of monuments near the car park and broch.

Nybster monument

Mervyn’s Tower is next to the broch settlement

Nybster Location Map

Nybster broch location map

Nybster map location.