4,000 years old Hill O' Many Stanes | Caithness

Hill O' Many Stanes in Caithness, Highlands of Scotland

If you love mysteries then visit the Hill O' Many Stanes (Stones) just outside Mid Clyth in the Scottish Highlands.  Nobody can actually say how old these rows of stones are although they are believed to be around 4,000 years old. Today there are around 200 stones of up to a metre high remaining with smaller stones nearby. There is speculation on the purpose of this field of small standing stones that are fairly unique to Caithness and Sutherland. The original purpose of this site probably will remain a mystery unless a detailed archaeological study is made of the area.

Hill O' Many Stanes

The Hill O' Many Stanes is free to visit and open all year round. It will take between 30 minutes to walk around the stones, a small path is provided around the perimeter of the stones.

Hill O' Many Stanes road sign

The stones that are laid out in rows, in the 1870's up to 250 stones were recorded, 200 remain.

Heather covered hill with small upright stones

The hill with the stones is covered in heather, flowering in the summer and autumn.

Small upright stones in gorse and heather covered field

Small upright stones in the field of stanes near Mid Clyth in Caithness

Small upright stones held in the soil are all under a metre in height (approx. 3 feet high x 3 wide and 12" wide).

Path around the Hill of Stanes

A small path can be followed around the perimeter of the stones.

Entrance to the Hill O' Many Stanes.

Entrance to the Hill O' Many Stanes.

Poster on the Hill O' Many Stanes.

Information poster about the site. This is a Historic Environment Scotland site.

Hill O' Many Stanes Location Map

location map for the Hill O' Many Stanes

Hill O' Many Stanes location