Bay of Sannick, Caithness

Beach at Bay of Sannick

Bay of Sannick near John O'Groats. Seals can often be seen in the bay.

Sannick with views towards Orkney from the Caithness mainland

View over the beach at Sannick with the Orkney Islands on the horizon.

Sannick Beach

Sannick beach is found between John O'Groats and the Lighthouse at Duncansby Head. There is a grassy car park area off the single track road where you can park your car although car should be taken when driving into the field as it is a bit undulating at the entrance (so drive slowly and watch your exhaust). There is a short walk down through the sand dunes to the sandy beach at Sannick Bay. There is also a walk along the top of the sand dunes which is ideal for seeing a wide range of sea birds as well as seals.

Seals in Caithness beach

Pictures of seals at Sannick

Photographs of Seals at Sannick Bay

It was fairly unusual to find seals on the beach at Sannick as usually I find a few swimming and hunting for fish in the bay. On this occasion there were up to 100 seals with many of them resting (sunbathing) on the beach while others were enjoying playing in the surf. It was very enjoyable seeing so many seals so close and the digital camera's built in zoom lens allowed me to photograph the animals without upsetting them by getting too close.

Seals on Sannick Beach in Caithness, Highlands of Scotland

Seals on the beach at Sannick