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Keiss is a small village in the far north of Scotland close to John O' Groats and Wick. Keiss has a tidal harbour and a beautiful sandy beaches along with the remains of the old Keiss castle. Brochs and other ancient buildings can be found nearby. Keiss has a village hall that is active for community events. The village is a few miles north of Wick on the road to John O' Groats.

Keiss castle

Keiss castle is a few hundred metres north of Keiss harbour along the coastal path. Keiss castle 9 pictures.

The new Keiss castle

The new Keiss castle is slightly further inland from the original and ancient Keiss Castle on the coastline.

Keiss Harbour

Keiss harbour

Pictures of Keiss harbour. The harbour is tidal restricting when you can enter and leave the harbour due to tide heights. The harbour and warehouse was built in 1831.

Keiss Harbour House

Keiss harbour house

The Keiss harbour house offers holiday accommodation.

Keiss Beach

Keiss beach with view towards Keiss village

Keiss beach with view of Keiss village

Keiss beach looking towards Reiss

Keiss beach

Keiss harbour and the old Keiss Castle

Keiss beach and the old Keiss castle

The north end of Keiss beach looking over towards Keiss harbour and the old Keiss castle.

Keiss beach

Dog on Keiss beach

Posie our long haired Parsons Jack Russel dog on Keiss beach.

Keiss beach

Keiss beach and sand dunes.

Keiss Ice House

Old fishing boat at Keiss harbour

Old boat filled with fishing gear. The ice house behind the boat is a listed building

Ice House at Keiss harbour

Ice houses were used to keep ice that was collected in winter and used to keep the catch of fish fresh.

Keiss Brochs

Broch near Keiss

Two coastal Brochs are near the harbour and on the coastal path towards the castle.

Broch near Keiss

Caithness is literally covered in brochs and other ancient artefacts. At Keiss there are several brochs marked on the OS map for the area. Keiss Broch and Whitegate Broch are close to the harbour and can be seen if you walk along the coastal path to the remains of Keiss castle.