Keiss Brochs

Keiss, Caithness. Scotland for holidays in the Scottish Highlands

Brochs in Caithness. At Keiss there are several brochs marked on the OS map for the area. Keiss Broch and Whitegate Broch are close to the harbour and can be seen when you walk along the coastal path to the clifftop Keiss castle. Brochs are ancient buildings where people lived, worshiped and farmed around. Keiss broch is free to visit, just follow the coastal path to the north and take care when there are cattle in the field.

Keiss Broch

Keiss broch

The Keiss Broch is the closest of the two brochs at Keiss and is a short walk along the coastal path that leads to Keiss Castle. The broch is protected by fencing and an old wall that was added around the broch site many years ago. You can walk into and around the broch site to take pictures.

Keiss Brochs Information stone at Keiss broch

Keiss harbour broch

Keiss broch

Keiss Harbour Broch

Keiss broch with village in the background

External information sites: On the Canmore website Keiss Broch and Whitegate Broch pages it states that the Brochs are Iron Age buildings of over 2,000 years old. Additional information is given on the Historic Environment Scotland website for the Keiss Broch and the nearby Whitegate Broch.