Caithness & Sutherland

Peedie Beach

Peedie beach in Caithness

Peedie Beach

Peedie beach is a short walk along the coast from Dwarwich Pier where you can park. To get to the beach you need to follow the coastal path from the car park and it is around 20 minutes walk. To get down to the beach you need to be fairly careful due to the boulders and rocks you need to walk over. You are best visiting when the tide is on its way out.


Peedie Beach

Peedie beach can be visited while walking along the coast path to Dunnet Head.

Peedie beach has boulders near the cliffs

Peedie beach has boulders up near the cliff which you need to scramble down to get to the beach

Peedie beach and cliffs

Cliffs and caves at Peedie Beach

Peedie beach view to Dunnet Head

Looking towards Dunnet Head from the path down to Peedie Beach