Waterlines Heritage Centre, Lybster | Caithness

Lybster harbour in Caithness, North of Scotland

The Wasterlines Heritage Centre at Lybster harbour celebrates the 19th and early 20th century fishing industry when Lybster was a busy fishing port especially during the boom in the herring fishing with over 100 herring boats using the Lybster harbour. Waterlines has a cafe and small shop as well as the displays and exhibits around the north-east fishing industry. Today the harbour has local fishing boats, laying creels and fishing along the coastline for lobster, crab, prawn and fish. The Heritage Centre is open from May to September.

Waterlines Heritage Centre at Lybster harbour

Lybster Harbour

Information board for Waterlines at Lybster harbour

The information board gives you a welcome to the Waterlines Heritage Centre and exhibits.

Lybster harbour with creels stacked on the harbour

Creels stacked along Lybster harbour with the Waterlines Heritage Centre in the background.

Lybster Harbour Buildings and Waterlines Cafe

Lybster Harbour buildings and Waterlines cafe

The car park for the Waterlines cafe is in front of the harbour buildings along with outside tables where you can sit and enjoy your coffee or soup and a sandwich.

Smokies - Preserving locally caught fish landed at Lybster

Lybster harbour exibit

Fish landed at Lybster (mid 1800's onwards) would have been preserved by salting the herring or smoking. Haddock is still smoked today in Scotland to preserve the fish and for its unique flavour. The picture shows how it may have looked like in the late 1800's and early 20th century at Lybster in the harbour buildings.

Exibit showing how fish would have been smoked at Lybster

Lybster overlooking the harbour

Lybster timeline

At the front of Waterlines overlooking the pebbly shoreline is a timeline showing how the harbour was at the height of the herring fishing bonanza with over 100 herring boats using the harbour to offload, clean and preserve the fish that was then exported abroad.

Fishing boats moored at Lybster Harbour

Local fishing boats moored at Lybster harbour.

Waterlines Heritage Centre Location Map

Lybster location map

Lybster Location Map