Scarlet and The Haven


Scarlet and The Haven

The old fishing building in the natural harbour area. Although Scarlet does not have a harbour boats would have been pulled up the shingle beach.

Scarlet, Caithness.

Scarlet and the harbour area called The Haven is an old fishing village near Wick in Caithness, in the far north of Scotland. Historically Scarlet was a small fishing harbour that was part of the herring industry which was very important to Caithness and to Wick especially. The herring industry peaked in the 1860's with over a thousand boats operating from Wick and nearby villages. The herring industry lasted into the 1930's and gradually died out.

The Haven

Looking down into The Haven and the stoney beach. This natural harbour provided a shelter from gales out in the North Sea.

Old fishing buildiing at Scarlet

Remains of the herring fishing industry at Scarlet

Historic Scotland - herring Fishing Industry at Scarlet

Remains of the fishing industry at Scarlet


Scarlet is a small crofting village a few miles south of Wick.