Dog Leads

Dog leads are an essential part in responsible pet ownership and allows you to walk your dog safely. In many public spaces it is a requirement for you to always have your dog under control and the easiest way to demonstrate this is to walk your dog on an extending lead so that you always have control over your dogs behaviour and stop it running off, when distracted by wildlife or other dogs in the area.

A dog lead is an important part of dog training, especially when teaching your pet to walk to heel and to carry out other commands. You will find a wide range of dog leads, including training leads on Amazon. Shop now for your dog lead and while you are at it why not consider buying a dog harness to make your dog walks safer and more comfortable for your pet.

Many people now prefer to walk their dogs using a harness as this reduces stress and possible injuries to your pets neck when they pull or suddenly stop quickly. A harness is not a replacement for a dog collar and is used when walking or travelling in a vehicle. Using a dog harness when walking can also aid in training your dog to walk correctly beside you. Choose a harness that is well made and comfortable and your dog will love wearing it.