Dog ID Tags

Dog ID Name Tags are an important part of keeping your loved pet safe when out walking or travelling. In many countries it is a legal requirement for your dog to wear an appropriate ID name tag, along with an embedded electronic ID chip to allow a lost dog to be quickly returned to owners when lost.

If your dog gets separated from you, runs off and gets lost, a name ID tag can allow them to be returned to you quickly when they are found. It also means you can be easily contacted on your mobile phone before your pet is put into a dog rehoming centre, reducing stress on your pet, and possibly saving you money as you will not have a release fee to pay.

What you should consider having on your pets ID name tag is:

Mobile Phone Contact Number | Your Surname - Last name | That your dog has an electronic ID Tag | Your Postal Code | Any medical conditions that should be known

Many people now feel it is best not to put your pets name on the ID Tag, due to the increasing number of pet thefts. Your dog's name will of course be on an electronic name ID tag and this is a good reason to have both even if an electronic tag is not compulsory.

Many people now prefer to walk their dogs using a harness as this reduces stress and possible injuries to your pets neck when they pull or suddenly stop quickly. A harness is not a replacement for a dog collar and is used when walking or travelling in a vehicle. Using a dog harness when walking can also aid in training your dog to walk correctly beside you. Choose a harness that is well made and comfortable and your dog will love wearing it.