Cat Jackets

Cat jackets are essential for people who keep their cats inside as house cats, yet still want to give their pet access to the outside by taking the cat for a walk or allowing them to explore the garden, while making sure they do not run away. Keeping a cat indoors is probably the best way to keep your loved pet safe, not just from road traffic, it also protects your pet from being stolen, or deliberately injured.

An important part of keeping cats indoors is protecting wildlife, especially birds, as cats natural behaviour is to hunt. Millions of wild birds are killed each year by pet cats throughout the world and this is not a good situation for animal lovers to allow, so consider keeping your cat as a house cat, protect your pets and protect wildlife at the same time.

When ordering your cat jacket it is best to measure your cat first before completing the online order to make sure that it correctly fits your pet comfortably.

Cat Jackets and Leads